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Nitinol springs

Nitinol springs
Product name:Nitinol springs

Nitinol Springs

Most of Temperature control Valves, using some other materials, like Waxy components, Bellows with gas or liquid in the past. But now, SMA springs,as a kind of magic and superelasticity material, are widely used instead of previous material.
Compared with waxy components and bellows, there are some advantages of SMA Springs.
1) there is no gas or liquid leak.
2) SMA's heat sensitivity is higher 2-3times than waxy components.
3) Quick response to the temperature, as sma material contacts the media directly.
4) The design of Perception part is easy, less parts, simple assembly, so the total cost of sma springs is cheap than before.

Packing: Plastic bags winded inside, Cartons or Wooden cases oustide.
Delivery: 10-15Days
Payment:: L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union

Sample is available!

1) Material: Nickel-Titanium alloys
2) Size: Dia0.1mm-5.0mm,other data according to client's drawing and request
3) Temperature: -10degree TO +100degree


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